A handmade wooden replica of the Katzbalger sword. Katzbalger was the short sword of German and Swiss landsknechts.

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Katzbalger - a sword for more demanding clients...

A really nice replica we really worked hard at.

In order to come up with something new that nobody else will want to attend to due to the overall demanding nature, we chose the beautiful sword of German landsknechts.


The sword structure is all plywood. The blade is made from 6 mm plywood. The typical guard is in an "S" shape and its mushroom-shaped head is reinforced in order to be resistant during swordplay as much as possible. The surface is coated with a patina mixture of colours imitating metal.

  • Material - Full plywood structure.
  • Size - Total length of 77 cm whereby the blade is 60 cm.


  • The sword is intended for children's swordplay.
  • Stylish decoration in a children's room or theatre prop.
  • Intended for battle with wooden swords.


... a little bit of history doesn't hurt anyone...

Katzbalger was the feared short sword of German and Swiss landsknechts in the 15th and 16th centuries. The approximately 60 cm blade narrowed to a point slightly, not to a needle point, but to a rounded one. The shape of the blade is also called a "cat's tongue". What was typical for the Katzbalger sword was the "S" shaped guard and mushroom-shaped head. There is also a belief that the head is of a bone shape.