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Gladius - Roman sword


Handmade wooden replica of a sword from the time of Macedonian Wars.

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In times of Macedonian Wars (213-169 B.C.), swords still resembled Hispanic swords. They had a long blade, diminishing to the point. They also made blades with parallel edges and tapered point. Three examples of this type were found in Pompeii.

Sword structure

We also produce the Roman sword from beech plywood.
The swords are provided with a coating imitating metal.
The unique technology of the sword guard guarantees its stiffness.
The sword blade is flexible and the blunted edges are only slightly dented during the swordplay.
Our swords do not chip as they are not aged.
The hilt is wrapped with imitation leather for a better and more comfortable grip.
They are resistant to cutting and chopping during children's swordplay and resist well.

  • Total length of the sword - 58 cm
  • Length of the blade - 43 cm

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