Knight's sword - medium length


Handmade wooden replica of a medieval weapon for brave knights - for children aged 6 to 13.
Here you can order a wooden knight's sword with a length of 70 cm with the head in a shape of a three-leaf clover.

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16,90 €

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Sword structure

Improved version of the sword we previously produced, the "Knight's sword - 70cm". We maintained the length and shape of the head. The sword guard is made on the basis of a model from the 14th century.
The most significant change though, is the strengthening of the blade to 8 mm. We produced these swords for the "Battle of Slamburk" (Straw Castle) event where they were subjected to a hard load test and succeeded more than perfectly. The sword is made from quality pressed beech plywood. This allows for a maintaining of its stiffness at the depth and width ratio and therefore to retain the most realistic appearance of the sword.

The sword is made from beech plywood. This allows the maintaining of stiffness in the depth and width ratio and therefore to retain the most realistic appearance of the sword.
The swords are provided with a coating imitating metal.
The unique technology of the sword guard guarantees its stiffness.
The sword blade is flexible and the blunted edges are only slightly dented during the swordplay.
Our swords do not chip as they are not aged.
The hilt is wrapped with imitation leather for a better and more comfortable grip.

  • Total length of the sword - 70 cm
  • Length of the blade - 52 cm
  • Material - a thicker special hardened beech plywood!
  • Suitable for children's swordplay with wooden weapons
  • Suitable clothing accessories

For more information and texts regarding the quality of our swords please see here.

Side wearing of the sword - suitable clothing accessories and for the knight's comfort

Hanger frog - it is possible to buy a hanger frog with chain and without a belt to go with your sword. This simple hanging device allows for the comfortable side wearing of the sword. The hanger frog is made from leather. It assumes you have some sort of belt at home.

Half scabbard with belt - this is a somewhat finer version of hanging for a sword. This system provides the same comfort for side wearing as it does with the hanger frog but the structure of a grommet is much more difficult to produce. The grommet is made from cardboard and only fits swords from our own production. The belt is included within the price.

Other sizes of our knight's swords