Baroque shields


Handmade replicas of medieval shields. The shields have a Baroque shape and bear the heraldic coats of arms of important families.

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Shield structure

  • We produce these shields from hardboard.
  • Height of the shield is 43 cm.
  • The shields have a decorative Baroque shape and are vertically bent.
  • The shields are fitted with straps for carrying on the arm.
  • The coats of arms pictured on the shields usually represent coats of arms of significant families.
  • The colours used on the shield are Balakryl colours.
  • Some coats of arms are carved from adhesive foil, others are painted on.
  • The shields are intended for children fencing with timber swords.
  • The shields are also suitable as clothing accessories or for wall decoration.

Coats of arms

Baroque shield 101 -gold rafter    

Baroque shield 102 - from Sovince 

Baroque shield 103 - from Sternberk

Baroque shield 104 - Budovcove