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Viking helmet


One of the great Viking helmets.
Basically this is a type of Norman helmet. It has a simple bell shape with an upper face guard as a compact unit that resembles glasses. The helmets often had added cheek and neck pieces. Sometimes, they were modeled after Roman helmets, covering the entire face.

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Material and build

The Viking helmet is made of hard cardboard, painted imitating the appearance of metal and gilded plate. Wide eye slits allow comfortable view and adequate protection. Helmet covers the nose and face.


  • Viking helmet is meant for warriors who admire the bravery of the Vikings.
  • The helmet is mostly decorative.
  • It is intended for swordfighters with wooden swords.
  • The protective effect against a direct impact on the helmet body is 61%.

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The cheekpieces are hung off the sides on leatherette straps. In the example on the right, the boy also has a mail coif under the helmet.