Saint Wenceslas nasal helmet


Saint Wenceslas helmet.
A cardboard replica of St. Wenceslas helmet made to look like the helmet found in the coronation treasure of St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague.

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Material and build

Our manufactured St. Wenceslas helmet is made of solid cardboard, painted to imitate the appearance of metal. The noseband is doubled and reinforced. The helmet to put on so that it covers the eyebrows.


  • St. Wenceslas helmet is designed for warriors with knight's romantic heart.
  • The helmet is mostly decorative.
  • It is intended for swordfighters with wooden swords.
  • The protective effect against a direct impact on the helmet body is 61%.


It is useful to supplement St. Wenceslas helmet with a mail coif. The result greatly enhances the illusion of a knight. If you are getting the mail coif, get a helmet one to two centimeters larger than the circumference of your head measured across the forehead. You can select the helmet size in the parameters above.
How to measure helmet size the article...