Combat helmet


Helmet with visor allowing for a good view and perfect vision.

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You will not find this helmet in any book nor encyclopaedia for we invented it. It originated by affixing a sallet visor to an open salade by mistake rather than intentionally. As things usually turn out in business, it has become the top selling helmet from our portfolio despite the fact it is not original at all. It fits the head well and allows a wide view to the sides. We would definitely recommend this product.

Material and structure

The combat helmet is made from solid cardboard with a coating imitating metal. The visor is comfortable to lift with two pivot bolts on either side. The visor tilts all the way under eye level. It covers the nose and the cheeks. The combat helmet provides a good view to the sides.

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  • The combat helmet is intended for warriors with the romantic heart of a knight.
  • Character of the helmet is mostly decorative.
  • It is intended for swordsmen with wooden swords.
  • It is suitable as a clothing accessory.

What is and is not original?

... that is the question. The base of the helmet is formed by a truncated corpus, which you correctly call "salade". It is affixed with a visor coming, no doubt, from the Italian type of sallet. Why not? Armour used to be a very costly issue in the Middle Ages. And also became a spoil of war. Soldiers used to complement their armour with captured parts from different armour as an entirely common thing. This helmet of yours can also look like an original...
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Thank you for the comment. Havlis.