You can buy a wooden sword in many places and you can also make it by yourselves. We, however, offer you wooden swords of a historically faithful appearance. Our wooden swords are made of strong and light beech plywood which does not break into long splinters. Plywood does not have growth rings and it therefore does not break along them like rough wood does. For our swords we also make scabbards and half-scabbards to carry the sword at one's belt.

Wooden Swords

We produce all our swords from beech plywood so that we can achieve their strength while preserving the thickness and width ratio and also accomplish the most faithful historical appearance possible. We try our best to make our swords look really similar to historical swords and at the same time sufficiently strong. Our swords can resist blows from an opponent's (wooden) blade without any problems, and unlike swords made of solid wood (rough wood) they do not break into splinters. The blade is hammered similarly to that of a real sword. The cross-guard of our sword is secured in multiple ways so that it protects against blows sliding down along the blade and fulfils its function in the same way as on a real sword. The artificial leather on the grip is pleasant to the touch and does not slide in the palm. We have had the best possible experience with this technology of producing swords and loading tests just confirm it. The coating of our swords imitates a metallic appearance.
Here you can find our Sword Catalogue

A Scabbard and a Sword Belong Together

Every proper sword needs a scabbard. Upon agreement we can make plywood scabbards for swords and we can either paint them or cover them with artificial leather.
The problem is that a scabbard is more expensive than a wooden sword itself. Therefore I do not include scabbards in the e-shop, and if you are interested, we can make a personal agreement. Scabbards are made directly for a particular sword and practically around it. We therefore recommend that you buy a scabbard directly with your sword. An additional order of a scabbard is also possible, but, you know, it might not fit :-).

What is a Half-Scabbard?

A half-scabbard was often used for carrying a sword instead of a scabbard. A half-scabbard is not a complete scabbard, but only its part. More than a half of the sword is uncovered. The given length of the half-scabbard at 15-25cm is therefore universal for most of the swords in our production range. The eyes are fastened by straps. Hangers for fastening to a belt are inserted in the eyes. The picture shows how great a half-scabbard can look when worn. You can order a half-scabbard with a belt here. Another advantage of a half-scabbard is that it does not get in your way and it does not hang around your legs during a fight.
A much simpler leather frog, which you can find here, fulfils the same purpose.