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  • Kit swords
    Kit swords

    Kit swords develop children's creative abilities and skills and enhance...

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  • Camail (chain mail coif)
    Camail (chain mail coif)

    Suitable accessory for every helmet.

    14,90 €
  • Šalíř helm

    Handmade paper replica of a medieval knight's helmet. Western closed...

    27,99 €
  • Combat helmet
    Combat helmet

    Helmet with visor allowing for a good view and perfect vision.

    19,99 €
  • Helma hrncová
    Great helmet

    Great helm (also called pot helm, bucket helm, barrel helm) - High...

    18,90 €

Armour (Armor)

What Was Protective Armour Used for?

Protective armour was used from prehistoric times for hunting, combat and tournaments. The type of material used for the production of armour depended on the time, wealth and social status of the bearer of the armour. Developments in weaponry were, of course, followed by developments in armour whose main task was to protect the owner from injury during hunting, a tournament or directly in combat. Armour also had an aesthetic and a psychological function.

We Make Armours Used Both for Swordplay and Decoration

  • An armour consists primarily of a breastplate - a cuirass.
  • We make our cuirasses also from hardboard in several designs and sizes.
  • We have chosen this material for its strength. It is impossible to pierce our cuirasses with a wooden sword, and they thus fulfil their protective function in knight fights of your kids.
  • The cuirasses are fastened by straps on the back.
  • The surface finish imitates a metallic appearance.

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