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  • Kit swords
    Kit swords

    Kit swords develop children's creative abilities and skills and enhance...

    8,90 €
  • Camail (chain mail coif)
    Camail (chain mail coif)

    Suitable accessory for every helmet.

    14,90 €
  • Šalíř helm

    Handmade paper replica of a medieval knight's helmet. Western closed...

    27,99 €
  • Combat helmet
    Combat helmet

    Helmet with visor allowing for a good view and perfect vision.

    19,99 €
  • Helma hrncová
    Great helmet

    Great helm (also called pot helm, bucket helm, barrel helm) - High...

    18,90 €

How Do We Make Our Wooden Swords?

You can buy a wooden sword in many places and you can also make it by yourselves. We, however, offer you wooden swords of a historically faithful appearance. Our wooden swords are made of strong and light beech plywood which does not break into long splinters. We also produce scabbards and half-scabbards for our swords.

How to Put on a Helmet with a Visor Correctly?

Upon getting a visor helmet for the first time most children try to put it on their heads at all costs. They are, however, not always successful.

Helmet Sizes

To determine the proper size of a helmet is not a rocket science, but we will describe the procedure including some exceptions.