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Convex cuirass


Handmade replica of a medieval knight's protective armor. The cuirass covers the body from the neck to the girdle.
This cuirass has a new improved structure.

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25,90 €

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The cuirass is made from hardboard, at the front being provided with a coating imitating metal and with suggestive ironwork. It is as firm as the shields from our portfolio. Cuirass is used as protection and is resistant to strikes by a wooden sword. This variation is complemented with abdominal mould providing the cuirass with an authentic appearance. The mould is embellished and also reinforced with a copper belt. This provides the cuirass with incredible firmness.

The given sizes are measured from the collar bone down to the belt (a person must sit). A comfortable will is +/-2 cm. The cuirass is fastened at the back with simple straps.