Hanger frog with chain


The hanger frog for a sword allows for the comfortable side wearing of the sword.

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8,50 €

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Here we have prepared a simpler and cheaper variation of hanging a sword. This hanger frog with chain is also suitable for swords that are not produced in our workshop. The hanger's pocket is made from leather and provides a sufficient will for different widths of blades.
The hanger frog with chain can be used for swords with a blade size up to a width of 65 mm and depth of 9 mm.
The hanger frog is made from leather and produced in the following colours:

  • Brown - without a specific shade
  • Black - without a specific shade
  • Blue and grey - without a specific shade

We supply the hanger frog without a belt as we assume that you will have a belt at home. The loops for putting it onto the belt have a span of 40mm. The length of the chain is set in such a way that the blade is directed towards the ground.

The hanger frog with chain can be used with the following swords from our portfolio