Camail (chain mail coif)


Suitable accessory for every helmet.

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Part of the European chain mail armour worn in the Middle Ages. It was a section of an individual part worn over a chain mail vest protruding in the front in a rectangular piece covering the chest. It also covered the shoulders, part of the back and possibly part of the face. The camail (chain mail coif) was covered with a helmet. Camail (chain mail coif) was, just like the chain mail armour, woven from many thousands of joined up rings. It primarily protected its owner from slashing and cutting wounds.

The camail (chain mail coif) we produce...

... is not woven from iron rings but is knitted from grey wool. It does not press on the body and does not weigh one down and really suits boys. A helmet worn over it fits well and firmly. If you intend to make it yourself, here are the instructions.

How-to instructions

The camail (chain mail coif) is knitted from the top on thick needles, only in garter stitches with a gradual increasing and decreasing in order to copy the shape of the head and the shoulders. That is what I was told by a lady spinner on this subject. I think that every 'sheep grandma' can cope with it.

The more skilled and patient 'sheep grandmas' can knit the whole armour as Daniel and Jakub's grandmother from Luka did.
Whether you decide for a knitted or sewn hood, the effect will always be perfect. It is a very suitable and smart accessory for your little knight's costume.


Be aware that when ordering the helmet and using the hood you must take into consideration the size.
If you also decide to order a helmet, order a 1-2 cm bigger one. That provides space for the hood under the helmet.