Surcoat - knightly outer garment


Surcoat, tabard - these refer to the outer clothing of knights in heraldic colors.

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Surcoats were put over armor to protect the plates and chain from heating up in the sun.
Surcoats were also worn on their own. It was claimed that arrows tangled in surcoats and so lost penetration.
For us, however, it is an inherent part of a small knight's costume. And if the surcoat colors match those on the shield, and it is tightened around the waist to show the knight's figure, suddenly a little knight of yore or a fairy tale stands before you :-). Ensure that the surcoat colors match the colors on the shield. Highly recommended!

Our surcoats are made of solid denim twice the normal thickness, so you can't tear it apart. (Your little knight will grow out of it before that.) Our surcoats are inherited.
Wash at 30°C.
The surcoat size is the height of the torso.

Who were the Crusaders?

The Crusades were military expeditions during the Middle Ages called by the Pope against Muslims, pagans and heretics. Before the start of the expedition, participants swore an oath and were labeled with the sign of the cross sown onto their clothing, and were thus known as Crusaders (Latin crucesignati). They were volunteers and for participating in the expedition, they enjoyed the protection of the Church and were promised forgiveness of sins.
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