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  • Kit swords
    Kit swords

    Kit swords develop children's creative abilities and skills and enhance...

    8,90 €
  • Camail (chain mail coif)
    Camail (chain mail coif)

    Suitable accessory for every helmet.

    14,90 €
  • Šalíř helm

    Handmade paper replica of a medieval knight's helmet. Western closed...

    27,99 €
  • Combat helmet
    Combat helmet

    Helmet with visor allowing for a good view and perfect vision.

    19,99 €
  • Helma hrncová
    Great helmet

    Great helm (also called pot helm, bucket helm, barrel helm) - High...

    18,90 €


to the knight armoury website for children.

Make yourselves comfortable and return with us several centuries back to the time when large castles dominated our country.
Knights trained behind the strong walls, guards stood at the castle gates and high above their heads the wind fluttered the flags bearing their coats of arms.
At least once in his life every boy wished to be a brave and fearless knight and to prove to the people around him his fearlessness, courage and strength.

And it is precisely for the romantic eyes, dreams and great ambitions of all these boys that we have prepared our range of goods with knightly themes.

... do not be mistaken... nothing from what you can see is made of metal!

Helmet Replicas

We produce helmet replicas with love and care as faithfully as possible on the basis of historical models. A faithful replica of a historical helmet is made of recycled hard cardboard which is glued into a strong and resistant whole by means of an original procedure. The visual appearance of the helmet is enhanced by a carefully selected paint coating which resembles metal. For more information see the Helmets bookmark above.

Weapon Replicas

We produce our wooden swords and halberds mainly from beech plywood which allows our weapons to keep their pliability and strength. You can find more information in the Weapons bookmark above.

Shield Replicas

Shield replicas are made of hardboard (fibreboard). We bend the shields vertically and fit them with straps for wearing on an arm. The shields are emblazoned with real coats of arms of important families.
You can find more information on our shields in the Coats of Arms (Shields) bookmark above.
You can find a catalogue of our products here.

Carnival Costumes

Maybe your boy wants to go dressed as a knight, too. And it is our job to make him look his best. You have come to the right website. You will find it easy to choose from our wide range of items. Our costumes are characterized by their long life, and therefore once the carnival season is over, your knight will still be able to use his costume also at a summer camp or on your summer trips to castles and festivals. Visit our e-shop now and browse for goods which suit you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

6 reasons why to buy a toy weapon or an armour replica from our shop

  • They are historically faithful replicas.
  • They can be used for historical and fantasy LARP.
  • They are of high-quality handmade production.
  • They encourage an interest in history.
  • Their prices are reasonable.
  • They are perfect as presents (for Christmas, birthday, name day, ...).