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    Camail (chain mail coif)

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Shields and Coats of Arms

A Shield is an Important Part of the Weaponry of a Medieval Knight

Every proper medieval knight should be armed not only with a sword but also with a shield. It is both a part of the armour used for deflecting enemy's blows and a surface for the coat of arms. The development of coats of arms was influenced by warfare changes in the mid 12th century because a knight wearing a full armour with a closed great helm inevitably became anonymous. It was therefore very difficult to distinguish an ally from an enemy in the turmoil of a battle. Thus, it was at that time that coats of arms began to be used as the distinguishing element of individual knights and companies.

Varied Colours of a Coat of Arms - the Basis of Legibility

A certain pictorial identity was achieved by painting a coat of arms in varied and contrasting colours. Coats of arms started to be used widely not only on shields but also on other parts of the armour (surcoats, helmets, ...), they became a fashion trend for warriors. Heraldry slowly developed into an independent science which studied the rules and customs according to which heraldic signs are made, described, determined and drawn. Heraldry dealt exclusively with coats of arms associated with a particular person and their inheritance.

How Do Our Shield Replicas Look?

Our shields on offer are made of hardboard, they have a Gothic shape and bear the heraldic coats of arms of important families. The shields are fitted with straps for wearing on an arm. We use the simplest possible coats of arms, most often with Gothic or Early Renaissance charges. Our offer includes only the most famous coats of arms.

Shield Catalogue

Your kid will thus get both a toy and a teaching aid at the same time!

Upon agreement we can make a shield representing your own coat of arms.

And Yet It Is Not Too Difficult to Make Your Own Coat of Arms at Home

Do you fancy making your own shield with a coat of arms at home? You have to remember that a particular proportion of sides must be observed in a shield. This has been practically tested by many centuries. A shield should be as long as a forearm including a fist + the length of a fist at the top and + twice the length of a fist downwards. You can use the shape of the shield given in our picture. I recommend that you should cut it out of plywood or hardboard. Do not use paper, it is a waste of time and effort.
If you do not have enough space to make a shield, you can order your shield from us. We will send you a blank curved shield fitted with straps and you and your children can use your imagination and paint on it your own coat of arms.